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Welcome to Goldbug Park at the heart of the Gold Rush in Placerville, CA.

Gold Bug Park offers a variety of activities for both families and groups. The park features over 61 acres of natural flora and fauna to explore while discovering the rich history of the California Gold Rush era.

The Volunteers and Staff take pride in their historical knowledge of Gold Bug Park. Staff are available during park facility hours at Hattie's Gift Shop, Hattie's Museum, and the Joshua Hendy Stamp Mill. You may also schedule a guided tour for your group.

Activities at Gold Bug Park

  • Gold Bug Mine

    Gold Bug Mine is the namesake of the park. Venture deep inside the mountain with an self-guided audio tour of this impressive mine.

  • The Miner's Blacksmith Shop

    The Miner's Blacksmith Shop is our newest addition at Gold Bug Park. Located behind the Hendy Stamp Mill, visitors can observe the blacksmiths at work. Items forged on site are available for purchase at Hattie's Gift Shop.

  • Priest Mine

    The Priest Mine was dug into the hillside by hand in the 1850's. You may only enter the Priest Mine by guided tour.

  • Joshua Hendy Stamp Mill

    The Joshua Hendy Stamp Mill is still housed on its original site. The mill has since been enclosed in a stamp mill building that houses a working model as well as a mineral display.

  • Hattie's Museum

    Explore the rich history of the California Gold Rush and the mining equipment typically used in hard rock mining.

  • Hattie's Gift Shop

    Pick up a book to discover more about this historic region, or bring home a souvenir of your visit.

  • Liberty Pavilion

    Our large covered picnic area is available for casual picnics or group events.

  • Picnic Areas

    In addition to Liberty Pavilion, smaller picnic areas are scattered throughout the park.

  • Hiking Trails

    We offer miles of well-groomed hiking trails to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area.

  • Gem Panning

    As an alternative to traditional gold panning, we offer gem panning that can be enjoyed by all ages.

  • Meagher House

    The Meagher House may be converted into a nature interpretive center. Discover how you can support the Meagher House project.

Hattie's Gift Shop at Gold Bug Park in Placerville, CA.

  • Flake Fact

    Gold Bug Park and Mine is a designated State Point of Historic Interest and is part of the National Register of Historic Sites.

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