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Glossary of Mining Terms

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The Miner's Blacksmith Shop

Back behind the Hendy Stampmill, the strike of the hammer on an anvil can be heard as the blacksmith reshapes a piece of iron into something new and different.

Located at the back of the Hendy Stamp Mill, the new Blacksmith Shop is in the approximate location of the original shop, which worked to keep the stamp mill and adjacent Silver Pine Mine in operation.

Without the blacksmiths during the Gold Rush period, most mining outfits could not survive. The shops played an important role in the gold miner's life, providing him with tools he needed.

Many specialized and unique tools were developed to aid the miner in his quest for gold. Since it took so long for equipment to reach the gold fields from eastern markets, the blacksmith could produce and repair the required tools faster.

Volunteers who are recognized Smiths staff Gold Bug's unique blacksmith shop.

Anyone wishing to learn the trade and become a journeyman is welcome. Workshops are available all over Northern California with regular meetings.

The items they produce can be purchased at the Hattie Gift Shop where their products are on display.  Donations are particularly important as the funds are used to purchase metal stock and coal for the forge to make new items.

The shop is open every day the mine is open for tours. 

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