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Glossary of Mining Terms

Not sure what a 'drift' is? How about the word 'stope'? Check out our glossary to discover these words and more.

Hattie's Gold Rush Museum

Inside the our gold rush museum visitors can view mining artifacts.

Located upstairs above Hattie's Gift Shop, Hattie's Museum features many tools and other artifacts from the locale. Displays of mining equipment and drawings explain many of the various mining techniques that were used. Most of the items in the museum have been donated by persons interested in preserving our history. Interpretive and educational panels surround the room showing the local geology and the process of prospecting for gold.

A hands-on table has samples of various rocks which may be held.

There is no charge for admission to the museum.

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    Outside the museum is the Bennett Memorial Garden where dogwood trees have been planted to honor each of Hattie's children.
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