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Joshua Hendy Stamp Mill

A school class is taking a guided tour of the Hendy Stamp Mill at Gold Bug Park.

The Joshua Hendy Stamp Mill, is enclosed in a stamp mill building and provides a full explanation of the gold extraction process from the ore. The mill, on its original site, is easily viewed from various points in the building.

A working scale model graphically demonstrates the ore reduction process.

The mill is patterned after a design by Joshua Hendy Ironworks of Sunnyvale, CA. Hendy was a prominent iron worker in San Francisco CA, creating artistic ironwork balcony railings and street lamp fixtures. When the 1906 earthquake hit San Francisco, he moved his business down to Sunnyvale where the old factory remains along the railroad track. Hendy Iron Works was purchased by Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1947.

A Gold Bug Park tour guide operates the functioning stamp mill model.

The original Stamp Mill was built around the turn of the century as a community crusher for miners in the area. Rebuilt in the 1930's, the two sets of 4 stamps, when in full operation, could be heard in Placerville just one mile away.

The Cornwall Mineral Collection with specimens from all over the world is on display in the building.

  • Flake Fact

    Each stamp on the mill weighs approximately 750 pounds!

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