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Glossary of Mining Terms

Not sure what a 'drift' is? How about the word 'stope'? Check out our glossary to discover these words and more.

Hiking Trails

This trailhead is marked with a sign - one of several hiking trails at Gold Bug Park in Placerville, CA.Within the 61.5 acre park there are about two miles of hiking trails and picnic areas, Free for daily use. A map is available in the gift shop for 25 cents indicating points of interest along the trails.

Please keep in mind they are "hiking" trails, not "walking" trails. We ask that you STAY ON THE TRAILS to avoid poison oak and a possible hidden mine!

Always go with others and stay alert for mountain lions, bears and rattlesnakes.

There are many wild flowers blooming in the spring along the way. Enjoy!

The central area of the park has paved walkways.  You can also venture off on our groomed hiking trails.

  • Flake Fact

    The trail coming down from the stamp mill was created by the Growlersberg Conservation Corps.

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